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I am just another citizen of this planet, lost in this world, trying to figure out things. Things important, unimportant, mundane, gibberish; whatever they may be. Beyond comprehension, metaphysical in nature, conflicting and contradictory.

I am often out of my depths, so I daydream. I am a prime minister, cricketer, footballer, actor, doctor, scientist, spy, soldier and everything that I am not. I love to travel or at least I dream to be alone on the beautiful white sand beaches of Bali or tread the mighty mountains of Nepal or hitchhike in the vast, serene Patagonia.

I am conflicted, a true Virgo! I seriously don’t know who I am, but I am what I am! I am Happy! A wannabe writer! And this is my space for personal gibberish. I may try to make sense and hopefully, someday I may prevail…